An Indian village girl is quite different from a modern or a city girl. A modern or a city girl is a butterfly but a village girl is simplicity personified. She is shy and bashful. She is hard working and not fond of case and comfort.

She does not use rouge, powder, paint, polish, snow, lipstick and nail polish or any other artificial aids to beauty. She is not luxurious and showy. She is not talkative. She is bubbling with life. She is endowed with blooming health. She lives close to nature. She is full of innocence. Her natural beauty is attractive.

An Indian village girl is just the opposite of a modern girl. A modern ‘is a doll but a village girl is an amazon. She is tall and lady like. Her growth is spontaneous. Her ways are natural. She leads a busy life.

From morning till evening, she is busy doing one thing or the other. At one time she brings pitchers of water from the village well and at another she cooks food for the family or washes the clothes. Now milks the cows and at another time, she cleans the nails and scrubs the floor.


She performs every household duty herself, is a worthy assistant to her mother. Festivals come to relieve the monotony of her life. On such occasions, she dresses gorgeously but she never exceeds the limit. She never tries to show herself off. She possesses all womanly virtues. She does not seek equal status with men like the modern girl.

She is illiterate. It is a great drawback. If she is at all educated her standard of education is low. She does not know what is a radio or a telephone. She has never been to the pictures. She does not know what is a television.

She is not smart. She is superstitious like her mother and aunt. She is fond of ornaments. She is generally a victim of early marriage. From her very girlhood to her old age she bears the burden of a family life.

Before she is married, she works for her brothers, sisters and parents. When she is grown up and is married off, she has to look after her own family. On the whole, she leads a happier and more contented life than her counterpart in the city. But now times are changing. The village girls are also taking to fashion like the city girls.