The produce from the land is not enough to cope with rapid increase in popula­tion, hence, to solve the food problem the following steps can be resorted to:

(i) Change in food habits. Humans must take more of vegetarian food as primary productivity is high in vegetables than in animals.

(ii) More perennial crops must be consumed than seasonal crops as the latter has lower primary productivity.

(iii) Better methods of cultivation should be adopted, like terrace farming, contour farming in hilly areas and multiple cropping or crop rotation.


(iv) Oceans must be explored as there is great scope for providing fish food.

(v) Good seeds, manure, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc. must be used and better methods of irrigation must be used, e.g., sprinklers and drip irrigation.

(vi) Forests must be explored for food.

(vii) Fish farming in lakes, ponds, rivers, and paddy fields can be practiced.


(viii) Wastage in handling and transport must be taken care of.

(ix) Wastage during consumption must be avoided.