This is the ultimate truth about Potatoes


The availability of vitamins and other important minerals in potatoes makes them a rich basic food not only full of energy, but also of body-building proteins and minerals. Only green potatoes contain a harmful substance called ‘solanin’ which should not be consumed.

The potato is a valuable food for those who seek to lower their blood pressure. When boiled with their skins, potatoes absorb very little salt. Thus they can form an excellent addition to a salt free diet. They are rich in potassium but not in sodium salts. The magnesium present exercises a good effect in lowering the blood pressure. This magnesium is also help full in preventing classification of the soft tissues of the kidneys and in overcoming the formation of stone in the bladder.

Potatoes form an alkaline food which is good for those suffering from acidity of stomach.


The good taste of potatoes lends itself to blending into many interesting dishes. In boiled, backed or mashed form, they are the best substitute for cereals. By themselves, they do not lead to obesity. This occurs only on account of the excessive fat which is often used in cooking them.

Based on an article by Dr. S Bajaj, Home Science-March 1979.

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