What are the main health benefits provided by Proteins and Minerals ?


Proteins-Body-Building Foods:

Proteins are nutrients in food that help our bodies to grow. Proteins help the body to repair old and worn-out cells of the body and replace them with new cells. Meat, pulses, eggs, milk, fish, beans and chicken are some foods that are rich in proteins. Babies and growing children need protein in large quantities.



Minerals protect us from many diseases. Calcium, iron and fluoride are some minerals needed by the body. Calcium builds our bones and teeth and is found in milk and green vegetables. Apple, guava, watermelon, carrot, brinjal and spinach are good sources of iron. They help rhake the red cells in our blood which carry oxygen.

Vitamins :


Vitamins are needed by the body in small quantities. They build the resistance of the body. They are important for the proper growth and good health of the body. Fruits, leafy vegetables, cereals and dairy products contain vitamins. Different types of vitamins are required by the body for various benefits.


Fibre is the part of our food that is not digested. Though it gives us no nourishment yet it absorbs water and keeps the digestive system healthy. Apples, cereals, carrots, etc., contain a lot of fibre.

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