Fish serve as a good source of protein food. People living in coastal areas mainly depend on fish to meet their food requirements. On the basis of their habitat fish are two types:

1. Fresh Water Fishes:

Fresh water fishes are found in ponds, lakes, rivers, etc. Some examples of fresh water fishes are catla, tirica, and rohu.

2. Marine fishes:


Marine fishes are found in sea. Some examples of marine fishes are hilsa, pomphret and sardine. India produces 45 per cent of the total fish obtained from Indian Ocean. India ranks eighth among the fish producing countries.

In many parts of our country, fish culture is now quite organized activity. Rearing and breeding of fish under controlled conditions is called Pisciculture. Systematic rearing of fish in hatcheries and nurseries has improved the survival rate of fish from 30 per cent to 95 per cent.