What are the five basic food groups?


The five basic food groups are:

1. Cereals, roots and tubers:

This group includes wheat, rice, maize, jower, bajra, potato, sweet potato, etc.


2. Protein foods:

This group includes milk and milk products (cheese, curd, khoa, etc.) nuts, pulses (dhal, beans), eggs and meats.

3. Protective vegetables and fruits:

This includes leafy green vegetables (sag, cabbage, etc.), yellow or orange fruits and vegetables (carrot, papaya, mango, etc.) and vitamin rich foods and vegetables (amla, orange, tomato, cabbage, etc.).


4. Other vegetables:

This includes brinjal, lady finger, gourds, onions, etc.

5. Fats, oils and sugars:

This group includes vegetable oils, ghee butter and sugar.

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