Short essay on Pakistan Zindabad


Pakistan is a nation that has suffered chaos, anguish and pain and yet it is still alive and surviving despite the diseases it has been plagued with. Its economy is crippling, in the world’s eyes it is losing its respect as a nation and what this nation needs is a strong president. Mr. Zardari the current president of Pakistan has managed to keep the country together, which for his qualifications is a large achievement. However it is unreasonable for a President to be gone abroad for some treatment that the civilians are unaware of in times when the memo gate scandal is taking place and the issue of NATO strikes is pending. The common man has every right to be notified where their President is. The citizens need to be told how and where their tax payer money is being spent and they need to be shown that this democracy is not just an illusion filled with empty promises.

Pakistanis today are frustrated and they are always searching for an outlet to vent their frustration out, with little employment opportunities, the empty mind of civilian is always plotting against the politicians who fail to fulfill their promises. Politicians need to realize that they should know when their end is near as nowadays, in 2011, the citizens are getting smarter and they want to see improvement, they want real leadership. Things have changed and the popularity of Imran Khan is proof of this change, people want to be led by someone who can actually not just promise to bring about reform but who actually has the potential to bring about reform, leaders who get treated on the soil of Pakistan.

Imran Khan seems to be a better leader for the Pakistanis today because he pursues national interests rather than provincial or sectional interests. He never preaches about how great it is to be a Pathan or how great Punjabis are. He never shows hate for Muhajirs and Sindhis about unjust Punjab etc. A leader should be above all that, he should unite all sectors within a nation, not create reasons to fight. A leader should know the weaknesses of its nation and more importantly know how to overcome them.


Pakistan is not just Punjab, Baluchistan, KPK or Sindh. Pakistan is only Pakistan from the 2nd largest peak in the world K2 to sea view in Karachi. A state should not be put its provinces and a leader should not create a want for provincial autonomy. Same way the Quaid or Allam Iqbal never supported any one province. However this provincial autonomy and provincial promotion is a method used by many political parties to make their own constituencies stronger. This at time is done at the expense of Pakistan.

The party and ideas of Imran Khan, Presidential candidate are said to be a solution for Pakistan, he represents the change that the people want in their nation and in their leaders. However citizens should become smarter by now, they should question their leaders and leaders standing up for elections on their policies and how they plan on bringing the change they promise to bring. If the citizens become smarter and ask the right questions, the leaders elected would be ones that can actually make Pakistan a better nation.

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