Short essay for kids on Pakistan


There are many places where kids in Pakistan go to have fun and enjoy their time. Firstly the wildlife in Pakistan is amazing, in the South there is the Indus River and in its mucky water reside the crocodiles, there are many other animals that live on the banks of the river and which can also be seen in the Safari Parks such as Jackals, Hyenas, bunch of other wild cats, Boars, Deer and Porcupines. Children in rural areas have a different lifestyle then the children in the urban wealthy homes, due to the income gaps their living standards vary immensely.

In the rural areas children also get to see Urial sheep, Markhar and ibex goats, Himalayan bears and snow leopards. Children in the rural areas live in a household of 6 to 7 members with siblings, parents and grandparents. The men in Pakistan wear baggy pants that get narrow at the ankles n they are called shalwar. They also wear baggy shirts that hang down to their knees, called kameez. This shalwar kameez is typical dressing of Pakistani men. In women, hijab is commonly practiced, some women wear scarves while others cover with their dupattas (part of their attire), and in the urban big cities girls also wear western style clothes.

Around 90 percent of the children are Muslims. In rural areas the houses for families are those with flat roofs, hardly any running water and running electricity. Children have it tough in the rural areas they have to find sticks and derive heat form a fire and there are hardly any windows in the houses. Kids in the rural areas help out in house chores or chores on the farms, while kids aging from 5 to 9 go to schools which are segregated and where they are taught the teachings of the holy book Quran. Rural inhabitants of poor villages are not very literate; in fact the literacy rates of rural areas are very low. Children in the farms go to the beach, ride camels that have been decorated festively on the beaches after they finish their chores. They also play games like hopscotch, marbles and team up to play games like cricket, soccer and volleyball. Kids also have fun in rural areas by making kites and flying them.


There are many sights to visit in Pakistan where kids can learn and discover. In Karachi, the most populous city, there is the Monument of Pakistan’s founder Quaid-e -Azam Mausoleum, it has got a garden and lots of space for families and kids to have fun. Karachi is a very lively city with colorful bazaar and markets which show off local crafts. Islamabad is also a great city to visit it is lush with green gardens and sights, and its buildings are a fusion of traditional and modern architecture. The Shah Faisal Mosque is one sight that tourist, kids and families also visit when in Islamabad, because it is an example of the architectural blend, it is the largest mosque in the world. The urban area also has many other places that kids would go visit. In these areas kids have electricity, proper homes and running water. The schools in urban areas teach academic subjects as well; hence kids in urban areas have a better lifestyle. However the largest proportion of the population of children lives in rural areas and not in the cities.

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