Essay on Pakistan according to my dream


Everyone in this world is prone to dreaming, as dreams are natural. One always dreams of how they want their future to be, hence I have a dream for a Pakistan which is much different than the one we see today. In my dream Pakistan would be a state where no one would be a victim of racism, communalism and provincialism, hence everyone would be living harmoniously. Firstly I would remove communalism, whatever its shape or form. All the tendencies in the society which support the forces of separatism and disruption and which help them grow would no longer exist in the nation, in fact they would be eliminated by its own people’s needs to live peacefully. Unity amongst the inhabitants would exist and violence and corruption would not describe the nation’s instability.

Then in my dream I see Pakistan as scientifically advanced and developed, technology is much better and the agriculture sector of the nation is properly maintained and very well organized and maintained. In my dream version of Pakistan science and scientific ideas and knowledge rule the affairs in the region and not raw emotionalism or rough sentimentalism. Pakistan would be at its peak of technological progress.

Pakistan would be self-sufficient in food; all the waste and barren lands which lie infertile would be cultivated to achieve this self-sufficiency in food grains. The agriculture sector would be given the importance it deserves as Pakistan is an agro based economy and the sector is the largest sector in the country. There would be betterment brought into the sector through an agrarian revolution, comprehensive agricultural programs would be launched and farmers would be given facilities to buy and use better seeds and fertilizers.


In my dream the country is industrialized extensively. This age is of machines and industrialization within the country and it’s not possible for the country to reach the peak of progress and prosperity without industry. I would also make Pakistan’s defense stronger, the country would be so powerful and strong that no enemy nation would dare to look on the sacred soil of Pakistan with violent eyes. Defense and security of the people would be of chief importance and the country’s defense forces would be equipped with modern defense equipment.

The next feature in my dream for Pakistan is the eradication of ignorance and illiteracy in the state, because these features ruin a country and the future of its people. The population would be educated on a large scale and democracy would prevalent in the nation. With better literacy and a more responsible government the bridge between the rich and the poor would be lessened. Income would be distributed more fairly amongst groups in the society and provisions of housing, food and clothing would be given much more priority in the state of my dreams. In order to achieve all these changes, socialism needs to be practiced and believed in the nation to bring about economic equality.

A dream that I have of Pakistan, could be made reality with years of efforts by everyone. In my dream, Pakistan is a powerful country, a guiding light for the weaker countries that are still doing as they are told by the other super powers.

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