Drought is one key obstacle for many countries, and the severity of such problem goes high when it comes as the barrier to ensure an optimum agricultural growth for a country like Bangladesh. Over the last few decades, drought is being counted as the root cause which hampers the expected agricultural growth, here in Bangladesh. Droughts could be of many different types for a country like Bangladesh. Mostly such drought problem in Bangladesh is linked with two major / primary issues, these are:

1. Climate variability, and

2. Crisis of surface water resource.

Beside of these, there are some other causes which trigger drought more frequent manner in Bangladesh. These secondary reasons behind drought are:


1. Shortage of regular rainfall.

2. Lack of humidity in the atmosphere.

3. Absence of big scale sliding movement of air contained by the atmosphere.

Global atmospheric state and deep-sea transmission symptoms are also being treated as responsible for any particular short term drought in Bangladesh, as well. One particular weather phenomenon, known as ENSO (El Nino / Southern Oscillation) is another cause for drought in Bangladesh. The ultimate impact of ENSO affects the monsoon rainfall in Bangladesh.


The rate of rainfall has seen decreasing at a rapid rate due to the increase of green house gases and the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Up to some extent, the causes behind the climate changes are involved with the causes behind the drought in Bangladesh by one or more means.

Droughts could be of many different types. Considering the droughts in Bangladesh, following types of drought has seen more frequently occurred:

Meteorological Drought

When the rate of regular and expected rainfall has gone considerably low, droughts due to such causes are known as meteorological drought. The period of such shortage of rainfall varies from several days to year. Based on the climate of different region over the world, these particular types of draught are being counted as one very specific reason behind the drought in Bangladesh.

Agricultural Drought:

This particular type of draught has seen in reality, when the soil loses it moisture to some particular level. Bangladesh is directly affected by these particular types of drought, as crops of many different types have failed to get enough moisture from the soil to grow. The impact of such draught affect the economy of Bangladesh, as agriculture is one main source to keep the economy of Bangladesh running.

Seasonal Drought:


Seasonal drought is very similar with the agricultural draught, with an exception that it occurs during some particular period of some seasons. Bangladesh has suffered seriously with three major types of seasonal droughts, and these are:

I. Early season drought:

Such particular drought comes as a result of any interruption in the seasonal monsoon rainfall.

II. Mid Season Drought:


Some very short periodic dry spells are the reasons behind such mid seasoned drought in Bangladesh.

III. Terminal Season Drought:

Terminal season drought occurred in Bangladesh, when the monsoon rainfall has just stopped any time before the cycle it supposed to complete.

Hydrological Drought:

Hydrological drought caused as a result of the decreasing water level from the surface, due to insufficient supply from the reserves, lakes or any such places. Bangladesh has its less possibilities of being threatened by such particular types of drought, as there is not that much options left here, which may trigger such drought here.

Socioeconomic Drought:


This specific drought has got triggered, when water storage of some specific physical storage are being counted as the root cause to affect the people, who are using it.