A park is basically a well pruned and preserved area of land meant for people to come and relax, enjoy and spend some time away from the routine of their homes and work.

A Children’s Park as the very name indicates, is a park meant for children to come in the mornings and evenings to spend their leisure time in the open and fresh air of the park, away from their congested homes and busy environments. A children’s park has several playthings for them to play with and enjoy.

There are swings, slides, rods for hanging upon for exercise, and many other such items that provide for children their much required exercise, enjoyment, and refreshment away from their busy schedules of school and home.

In the mornings, in these parks children come with their parents or elders for walks, exercises and jogging, while, in the evening time they are again there for playing and having a good time after a heavy school routine. On the open space in a park, we can see children, the bigger ones playing games like badminton, cricket, and hockey, while the small ones enjoy the slides and swings.


The lonely corners in a children’s park are also strewn with small babies in their perambulators with their governesses. Now, the governesses also get together for a chat while the babies are asleep, or just gazing at the blue skies. The governesses continue their chatting sprees while at times one can hear the babies cry aloud in their prams.

At times, in lonely corners we can also spot a few bigger children sit with their books and studying without a care of the world. Some children who do not have congenial atmosphere at home or do not have enough silence in their small houses, come here in the open to study in silence.

On the one hand when there is seriousness in studying of the big children, on the other hand there is gossiping about masters and mistresses – a complex and interesting sight at a children’s park.

The sight of a children’s park is simply one of a bubbling enthusiasm, for, it is strewn all over with young children, boys and girls of all hues and sizes.


The exuberance and enthusiasm here, cannot be easily found anywhere else – for, the young come here to enjoy and the elders with them come to see them enjoy – Oh what an amalgamation of a varied enjoyment here.

The fresh air mixed with the sound of the chattering of young minds is such a lovely intoxicant for any elder to enjoy. A children’s park gives an onlooker the impression of complete and absolute happiness prevailing in the atmosphere and environment.