India was declared a Republic in the year 1950, on the 26th of January. Ever since, this day is being celebrated in the whole country as Republic Day. Republic Day is a National Festival, and so, is declared as a national holiday.

By National Festival it is meant to show that, the entire country is enjoying a festival on this day as; the nation achieved something on the day. On this day every year, all schools, colleges, and offices are closed and the entire population of the country joins hands in the national festivities.

In every State of the country there are widespread celebrations. All schools, colleges, and other institutions have programmes to mark the day and it looks as though the entire country is in unison in their spree for enjoyment. The day reminds each and every citizen of India, of his/ her responsibility to the country.

The day is also a vivid reminder to all about the hard work of a few that brought this pleasure for us.


Since Delhi is the capital of this country, it is as expected to celebrate this great event with a show and enthusiasm which befits the capital. The celebrations here are at a greater height of show and exuberance, and are different to those in other parts of the country.

Here, in Delhi, besides the usual holiday and Prime Minister’s speech from the Red Fort, the highlight of the event is the magnum parade that starts from the Rashtrapati Bhavan and, is seen by millions of people.

There is an elaborate arrangement near the area of Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, and the entire area is cordoned off for the hundreds of VIPs who come to see the parade on the occasion.

This huge procession moves through the roads of Delhi right from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to Red Fort and depicts the past and present glory of the might of India.


This procession is a beautiful show of India’s strength, India’s culture and the dignity of this ancient country. In this procession there is a display of the machinery of the three wings of the forces, the different wings of the police and even some contingents of school children give a show of their might and discipline.

This indicates the discipline that is being inculcated in all children which is finally seen culminating in the disciplined forces. The strength of the forces is shown to the public by a display of heavy armored tanks, planes, ships, and several other heavy machines. This infuses in the general public a sense of confidence in themselves and their Government and its achievements.

The procession is also inclusive of a depiction of India’s great past and varied culture. The culture is depicted by means of tableau of different States showing their typical mode of life. There is a big contingent of chariots displaying facets of differing cultures that constitute the single country that is India.

This long procession moves slowly through the important streets of Delhi starting from Rashtrapati Bhavan and ending at Red Fort. All through the route of this procession there is a huge crowd of men, women and children clamoring to get just a glimpse of the different items of the procession.


The roads, the pavements, housetops, roofs of offices so much so, even tree tops are seen crowded with human faces and forms. It appears as though, there could be just no one sitting at his/her home, and every person is out to see this gala show. All people are seen in coloured attires as though they are really celebrating an event with all gusto.

The scene is just unforgettable and, it gives the impression that, we Indians are so much attached to our country, our motherland that, we are ready to face any amount of trials and tribulations just to have a hazy far off glimpse of our achievements, strength, and heritage.

At times, after seeing this scene I do wonder that, if we are really so loyal and loving to our country, and above all, one entity as the show depicts then, why should there be any differences among us? This is an enigma that I just cannot understand.

I do pray to God that the scene depicted in Delhi on Republic Day, its grandeur, its oneness and its traditions are all maintained and help us to grow in the face of all contradictory realities.