In the early periods of civilizations, large parts of our country were covered with forests. The increase of the population of our country has led to the shrinking of forest area. The forests which purify air have been cut down and new cities and industries have been established in their place. The cutting of the forests causes what is called “The Green House Effect”.

It results in the heating of the earth’s surface or global warming which has serious consequences for life on this planet. As a result coming generations are likely to suffer from incurable diseases. And what is extreme, even the existence of human kind might be in danger. Afforestation is the only measure that can be taken to avoid these disastrous havocs.

We know that Chipko Movements was started by Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna to stop indiscriminate felling of tress in the Himalayas. But an all-out effort is needed. We can’t thrust this responsibility only on the government or on the public institutions or on any particular person.

It is the duty of all and all must work together to make it a success. A planned government effort is needed in every state. The government must invest in the afforestation of hilly and desert areas. It must raise green belts in areas which are subject to rapid erosion.


But at the same time awareness among the common People is greatly needed. Steps must be taken to create massive People’s movement with involvement of women to achieve the jectives and minimise pressure on existing forests, people as a whole must be motivated to regard the planting and protection of trees as social duty.

Saplings are planted every year no doubt but in absence of proper care they die by the next monsoon. Who is to look after them? It is the general public, whose pious duty is to water and save every plant growing on the land in their neighbourhood.

Educational institutions can play a key role in this regard. They can instil in the younger generation the need for planting trees. There are many social organisations that should come forward and promote common people for plantation.

These organisations should also help the government so that it may implement its various programmes on conservation of forests successfully and rapidly. Our existence is bound up with the trees and therefore trees must be planted especially on the road side and near railway tracks.


Forests are very important for us. It is unfortunate that we are ignoring its significance and are playing havoc with this one of the most vital of the nature. Hence, we must be aware of this fact and save trees to our lives and our existence. We very often talk on environmental pollution, but do nothing in this regard. Let’s take a pledge to plant trees in more and more numbers and promote others for this noble cause.