Youth can Play an Important Role in the Development of the Nation


Arguments for :

1. Young people have imagination and are prepared to make sacrifices. These are the qualities which are needed for building a nation. Old people generally stick on to routine and do not want any drastic change but without changes there cannot be development and without taking risks we cannot make progress. So young people can give dynamic touch to the efforts for national progress.

2. Young people can build a nation because they do not indulge in corrupt practices. A young person is not so materialistic as an old man or a middle aged person may be. They do not know this in terms of money and such people car.not be corrupt. For building a nation honesty and integrity on the part of the leaders are essential qualities.


Arguments against :

1. Young people do not have maturity for thinking ; national affairs cannot be handled by the people who do not have experience. While handling national affairs, if a single mistake is committed it may push the country back by many hundred years. So building of the nation cannot be entrusted to inexperienced people that is the young.

2. Young people give too much premium to their own intelli­gence, they do not have the spirit of accommodation or the desire to reconcile. Hardened attitude towards one another will result in conflicts and conflicts can never allow us to make progress.

3. Young people are generally guided by wild ambitions which are far removed from the realities of life. That is why it is not possible to depend upon them because the world of dreams is completely different from the world of realities. A nation which is trying to pursue a mirage can never make any progress.

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