India has a rich and varied fauna. There are about 75,000 species of animals of which 340 are mammals, 1200 birds, 420 reptiles, 140 amphibians, 2000 fishes, 50,000 insects 4000 mollusks and the other invertebrate. Fauna and flora of India are highly diversified into many beautiful and varied forms.

The animals that make up the Indian fauna are, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Musk deer (Kasturi), Barking deer (Kotra), Spotted deer (Cheetal), Hag deer (Hoghiran), Mouse deer (Indian Chevrotain), Swamp deer (Bara Singha) Dancing deer (Sambur), Four-horned antelope (Chausingha), Blue bull (Nilgai) Bison, (wild buffalo), wild goat, wild ass, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Striped hyena, Nilgiri Langur, Liontailed macaque. Rhesus monkey (Macacamulatha), Hunuman monkey, Indian giant squirrel, Porcupine, Pangolin, peafowl, jungle fowl, Partridge, Quail, Great Indian bustard (Chorioes nigrireeps, a bird), Duck pigeons, Sand grouse, Storks, Pelicans, Eagle, Crane, Owl, Hornbill. Crocodiles, Gharials, Lizards (Uromastic), Wild bear and about 216 species of snakes.

Endagered Species of India

There are three major categories of wildlife that are facing extinction.

(i) Endangered Species:


They face the most severe threat of extinction and require direct human protection for survival.

Example Mammals:

Lion tailed monkey, pig tailed monkey, Nigeria Languor, Indian Pangolin, the

Indian fox, the wild dog, the sloth bear, the Great Indian one horned Rahmoceros, the wild ass, Indian antelope, playing squirrel etc.



The great Indian Bustard, Pink head duck the white bellied sea eagle etc.

(ii) Threatened species

They are abundant in certain areas but face serious dangers, caused due to unfavourable enviromental conditions, extensive hunting, and fishing, trapping or even collected by hobbysts like Game birds.


(iii) Rare spicies

They have small population. They live in protected environments.

Game Birds:

Phasing birds (family Phasiamidal) are in great danger chiefly from human exploitation for their flesh. Hence they have always been branded as game birds. Many of these are gorgeously colored. The IUCN maintains a Red list of endangered and threatened species.