Everybody has some leisure at his disposal. Even those who have to work hard to make both ends meet should extract some free time from their tight schedule. And this leisure must be used purposefully and profitably.

The pursuit of hobbies fulfils this need remarkably well. A hobby is a favorite subject or occupation that is not one’s main business. It is an activity which one enjoys doing in one’s free time. It gives relief to and refreshes and reinvigorates one’s tired body and mind. It is a source of amusement, pleasure and knowledge. It diverts the mind form the dull and monotonous routine of life and adds interest and spice to it.

It prevents one from indulging in idle and harmful pursuits. Music painting, photography’s, gardening, collecting stamps and coins, swimming or playing some game and reading are some of the common hobbies, but their range is vast. All of us should pursue some or the other hobby according to our temperament, taste and interest. Hobbies sweeten our life and provide us with thrill and adventure. They instruct and educate us and broaden our mental horizon.