‘Friendship’, like ‘love’, is a much abused word. Lightly and casually, we call every acquaintance of ours a friend. In doing so, we tend to forget the true and deep meaning of friendship. Friendship is a sacred relationship; it is the bond of intimacy between two persons. Similar circumstances, temperaments and outlooks often unite two persons in this bond.

But friendship does not follow any well-defined rules or reasons. It also transcends such factors as age, status and creed. True friends understand each other’s faults and virtues, share each other’s good and bad experiences and sympathesize with each other’s achievements and failures. They advise, comfort and encourage each other. They have no selfish or ulterior motives.

Their mutual trust is unshakable and their companionship is solid and lasting. Friendship provides increased joy in happy times and abates misery in adverse circumstances. It is important to know the distinction between true and fair-weather friends. The desire to have friends is natural. It is a social necessity as well. True friendship is rare and therefore very precious. He who enjoys the beauty of true friendship is indeed blessed.