The early years of a man’s life constitute the most important phase of learning. A child has an impressionable mind and an ideal teacher can work wonders in broadening its horizons.

An ideal teacher has a command of his subject and yet he believes in learning more and more. His quest of knowledge never ends. He has an original, interesting and highly rewarding method of teaching. He canalizes a child’s talents in the right direction. His role can be compared to that of a potter. He moulds the clay-like personality of a child with care and tenderness.

He inculcates noble qualities in him. He loves his students, understands their problems and tries to help them sincerely. He is considerate, affectionate and sympathetic. His personal views, behavior and conduct are exemplary. His life serves as a model to his students. He believes in the maxim: “Example is better than precept.” In a nut-shell, an ideal teacher is he who makes a lasting imprint on his students by his strong character, sublime thoughts and inspiring actions.