What are the functions of the National Council for Women’s Education?


The National Council on Women’s Education set up in 1958 under the chairmanship of Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh recommended certain specific steps to expand and improve the education of women in the country.

They specifically stated that women’s education should be treated as a major programme in the field of education and the gaps between boys’ and girls’ education must be bridged in no time. They urged upon the centre and the states to prepare some special schemes and set up special machinery to execute them.

Important Recommendations are as follows:


(a) “Education of women should be regarded as a major special problem” and should receive “t highest priority” so that funds required for the purpose be “considered to be the first charge on the sums set aside for the development of education”.

(b) A national council for women’s education and state councils for the same be created. They should be special units in the Indian Ministry of Education and the state directorates of education”

(c) In place of the matching grants for women education, the Government of India should undertake to give 100% grants to the states for the development of education of women.

(d) To secure women teachers, particularly, in rural areas, condensed courses for adult worn should be instituted. Urban women should be given special inducements like quarters a rural allowance to work in those areas.

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