Triumph of India – Victory in the Cricket World Cup



India had relived and re-cherished its moments of victory after 28 years on the same day by defeating Srilanka and became the first country to win the world cup on its home ground. There were 121 crore blessings of our country’s cricfanatic population behind triumph of INDIA.

The most awaited moment for every INDIAN had come true. The world cup had spread a very big smile on every Indian’s face. Our country believes in the religion of cricketism and we people can be regarded as cricfanatics. It was the hardwork of our players who had given us the chance to see the dream coming true.


Different ideas of our captain MS DHONI and marvellous performance by our players made us to live our dream and had achieved an outstanding victory over Srilankans. It was the proudest moment for every INDIAN to watch SACHIN being lifted on the arms of Yusuf Pathan as he is the one who had lifted Indian cricket for 20 years on his arms. The last six struck by our captain MS DHONI was the shot which can never be forgotten by any Indian. Outstanding all rounder performance by YUVRAJ SINGH played a vital role in our victory.

The victory was being expressed in the form of tears by our player which signifies the importance of the world cup in the life of our players and ours. India’s outstanding batting; bowling and coaching given by GARY KIRSTEN made INDIA to achieve its goal.

We can listen the shouts of INDIANS, the crackers exploding, and the high sound DJ’s after India’s victory. INDIA’s victory was not less than diwali as INDIAN CRICKET TEAM had returned from exile after 28 years.Triumph of INDIA was one of the reasons which made us to say “I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”






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