This is a fabulous essay on newspapers that I was reading yesterday


Newspapers are an indispensable part of our day to day life. They help us, with unfailing regularity, in keeping pace with the latest trends and developments of the world. They cater for all kinds of people in every walk of life.

They provide them with news, views and comments with suitable illustrations and photographs. The news-hungry readers can have international, national and regional news. Those interested in money matters can turn to the business section and the sports lovers can turn to the pages exclusively meant for them. The Editorial page, with its editorial columns, middle articles and the readers’ letters, takes varying view-points to vast sections of society.

Every newspaper brings out special Saturday and Sunday editions, which offer interesting and educative articles on almost all the topics under the sun. There are interviews, reviews and news-analyses, as also humorous and satirical articles. Cartoons, comic strips and astrological predictions are meant to satisfy the specific classes of readers. Advertisements boost the sales of different products, inform the readers of the current employment opportunities and even help eligible men and women to unite in sacred matrimony.


Newspapers exercise a great influence on the minds of the people and shape the public opinion according to the demands of the challenging times. It is, therefore, essential that they should be free from all sorts of pressures and prejudices and they should not be used as a vehicle for carrying the propaganda of any political party.

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