The succession is of different types, which are as under:

(1) The succession which starts from a primitive substrate without any previous living matter is called primary succession. It starts on an area which is not occupied previously by a community.

(2) The succession starting from an area where living matter already exists is known as secondary succession. Secondary succession is faster than primary succession.

(3) In case the existing community causes its own community as a result of its reaction with the environment, it is known as autogenic succession.


(4) In case the replacement of one community takes place by another due to forces other than the effects of communities on the environment, the succession is called allergenic succession. Such a kind of succession may occur in highly disturbed area or in ponds where the nutrients and pollutants enter from outside which in turn modify the environment and thus communities.

(5) The early and continued dominance of autotrophic organisms such as green plants is called autotrophic succession. This type of succession takes place in an inorganic environment.

(6) The early dominance of heterotrophic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, animals and actinomycetes is called heterotrophic succession.