Ans. Samyukta is the largest electronic project of Defence Research and Development Organization. It would consist of 145 vehicles of fire blocks, three communication and two no communication segments.

This system is uniquely configured for the frequencies from high frequency to millimeter wave for reconnaissance, direction finding and position fixing, prioritizing and Jamming of adversary’s emissions.

It is capable of handling both ground based and airborne threats. It has the capability to intercept, detect, identify and locate complex communication and radar signals. It monitors communication and radar activity across forward edge of the battle area. It has operational frontal coverage of 150/170 km.

However Samyukta was inducted in Indian Army in January 2004. It is a joint venture undertaken by Defence Electronics Research Laboratory in consortium with other agencies. With this achievement of Samyukta, India has joined selected band of nations which possess this kind of world class system.


The Samyukta is very significant in view of our doctrine of no first use and so it becomes essential to synchronize the three electronic warfare system of Army, Navy and Air force. It is also a major step towards future electronic technologies, as it will be used in the area of strategic electronics, strategic aeronautics and strategic astronautics. All these techrfologies would be for dual purpose. Also very few countries possess such sophisticated system, it implies that country can dominate the electromagnetic spectrum during a battle.