It is always necessary to decide what books one should read. For selecting the best books we generally consult our teachers, librarians, our well read friends or follow the foot prints of the world renowned pundits or great men.

We should read only the books that enlighten our mind and suggest accurate and authentic knowledge to the readers.

I consider Bhagabad Gita, the holy scripture of the Hindus the most authentic book for every reader. It has been written by Vyasa the great sage. The book teaches that virtue is sure to triumph over vice. Vice may be fascinating at the outset, but it is found to be subservient to virtue as we finish the book.

Since the holy book is concerned with the practical aspect of human existence, it provides a special charm for me. My mother had advised me to go through this holy book along with its meaning as a daily prayer. The ideas contained in the book are great. The book gives the description of the war held between the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the battle of Kurukshetra.


The battle is held between the Kauravas prominent in their wickedness and the Pandavas who are very pious and God fearing. The battle held at Kurukshetra lasts for eighteen days and the battle is the most sanguinary one. Srikrishna is entrusted the charge of the Charioteer in the chariot of Arjun, the formers brother, devotee and friend.

When Arjun saw the battle-field crowded with his friends and relatives, a sudden change came over him. He was filled with remorse how he would fight with his own kith and kin.

The immortal messages imparted to Arjun by Lord Krishna on the battlefield are the contents of the Gita. The battle of Mahabharata was decided upon the arrogant and haughty reply of king Duryodhan that he would not part with a single plot of land so small in area as could be measured by the point of a needle unless the Pandavas won it by fighting.

The Gita has laid emphasis on action in its teaching. It preaches us that whenever we are assigned a task we should do it patiently without any desire or complaint. Krishna has taught the mankind that man has the right to actions only but not to the fruit thereof.


Moreover the Gita has propounded the immortality of soul. Just as we change our clothes the soul changes its form. The Gita shapes the culture of the totality of mankind even now. It influenced Mahatma Gandhi in every walk of life and he achieved success by employing the truth contained in it in the non-cooperative movement. It inspires every conscious soul. It has so great influence upon that I never take food before going through it.