1. In the present day world, the status of a country is deter­mined by its military force. If a country has sophisticated weapons, it can exert pressure on other countries by administering threats to them. If India has to have status in the world community and it is necessary because India can easily form Third bloc for preserving world peace, she must manufacture Nuclear weapons.

2. India is surrounded by unprincipled neighbors, Pakistan and China which have acquired Nuclear capability and it is feared that they may try to harm India in one or the other way. In order to counter this threat, and it is necessary, India will have to manu­facture nuclear weapons.

3. No doubt, wars are won in the battle field yet the support from the masses is essential for boosting up the morale of the army. This is possible if people know about the military power to their country. Possession of nuclear weapons gives psychological courage to the general masses.

Arguments against :


1. Manufacturing and developing the delivery system of nuclear weapons is a costly affair. By manufacturing these weapons India will cripple her economy. For a developing country, such a setback will be disastrous.

2. If India becomes a nuclear power, Pakistan will try its level best to counter it. There is a possibility that she may ask America to have a nuclear umbrella for them. This will drag India into cold war. And at home constructive work for the development of the country will be ignored.

3. For manufacturing nuclear weapons, many tests will have to be conducted and it has been pointed out that whether the tests are underground or in the sea, they are bound to pollute the at­mosphere. Such a situation will adversely affect the health of the nation.