Short Speech on Family Planning in India


Here is your short speech on Family Planning in India !

Introduction — Agree, Grave national problem

The exponential increase in the population of the country is the cause of great national concern. While the population is multiplying in geometric progression, the means of subsistence are increasing in arithmetic progression. A stage will therefore come, when the former may increase to such an extent, that there will be scarcity of resources to make both ends meet. It is the thought of this scenario that is indeed scary and makes it akin to a time bomb ticking away.


When we got independence, the population of the country was barely 30 crores. In the span of just over half a century, it has more then tripled to hundred crores. At this pace of growth, it is projected to again double by the year 2020. While the population is increasing, the natural resources are being exhausted and are fast depleting.

Need to make it compulsory

We have debated and discussed much on this issue, now it is time to make a small family norm compulsory for all citizens of the country .The immediate advantages that would accrue to us, would be in the acceleration of growth and development of the country. This has been severely eroded by the problem of the ever-increasing number. Whatever development takes place becomes inadequate, for it can never keep pace with the population.

With the fruits of development being shared by all, it would lead to eradication of poverty and unemployment. This would also have an immediate impact, on the well being of our people, who would be more healthier and enjoy a better standard of life. It is indeed a matter of shame, that a country of one hundred crores people, could not win a single gold medal, in the just concluded Olympic games at Sydney. This speaks volumes about the health and physical fitness of the citizens of the country, plagued with malnutrition and ill health.


Success of Family Planning in China

The problem is not surmountable. Many European countries and even China, has been able to restrict the growth in their population by making family planning compulsory. The fruits of their labour are for every one to see. They not only enjoy a higher standard of living, but also produce more champions in the field of sports.

Conclusion — Mass support required

Only by making family planning compulsory can we avert the danger posed by this problem. This must have the wholehearted support of each one of us. We must rise above our narrow precincts of superstition and religion, to make it a success. Posterity will never forgive us, if we do not measure up to this task.

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