Short Essay on The School Peon


Mr. Ramu is our school peon. He has been serving the school most faithfully for the last thirty five years. He is as old as the school. He has seen two generations of students. He has contact with the guardians and parents of more than fifty per cent students in the school.

He always presents a smiling face. He is old in years but strong in body. He is smart and active. He is very dutiful. He is polite and courteous to all. He is in the good books of everybody. By his loyalty and honest work, he has made himself indispensable to the school.

His life is very hard. He is the first to come and the last to go. He is seen here, there and everywhere. He puts on a khaki uniform which is always neat and tidy. He opens all the rooms in the morning and dusts the tables and chairs.


He circulates the Headmaster’s orders among the teachers and the students. He is a willing worker. He makes arrangements for sports and all meetings and functions in the school. He is experienced and knows his job well. He deposits all school moneys in the various banks. He gets cashed all school cheques and pays all local bills.

He checks the work of sweepers and the water suppliers. He helps the clerk in filing papers in relevant files and tracing out old cases. He supplies ink, chalk and dusters to the teachers. He has to be on the move the whole day. He knows the temperaments and moods of all the members of the school staff and treats them accordingly.

He is industrious and careful and a slave to duty. He knows no holidays. In spite of all his hard work, he is not well paid. He draws a meager salary and lives from hand to mouth. He is quite contented with his lot and seldom grumbles. The Headmaster is a noble man and has always a word of cheer for him. Sometimes he rewards him from his own pocket. He knows his worth and does his best to please him.

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