Short essay on The Rise of the Marathas


The Marathas are the natives of Maharashtra. They are short stature, well built and hard working. The Marathas rose to a powerful community under the able leadership of Shivaji.

Shivaji was born in the hill-fort of Shivner near Poona in 1627 AD. His father Shahji Bhonsle served under the Sultan of Ahmadnagar. The name of his mother was Jija Bai. Shivaji started his military activity by capturing the Toma Fort belonging to Bijapur state in 1646 AD.

Shivaji started to raid and plunder the Mocha territoris. He celeberated his coronation in 1674 AD and became the king o Marathas. He assumed the title of “Chhatrapati” and made Raigarh his capital. He tried to defeat Mughals in all fronts. He died in 1680 All After his death his son Shambhaji was coroneted on 30th July, 1680 AD. Shambhaji was killed and after his death Raja Ram the another son of Shivaji was coronated.

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