Short Essay on The Life of a Postman


The postman is a useful public servant. He is a familiar figure. He puts on a khaki uniform. He carries a leather bag across his left shoulder. It contains letters and cash. In his left hand also, he carries letters.

He delivers letters, parcels and money orders. His work is of a very responsible and arduous nature but he is very low paid. He does his duty diligently and conscientiously. Of all the Government servants, he is perhaps the most well behaved. He is indispensable to society.

Prem is our street postman. He is strong and sturdy. He is a matriculate. He has a bow and a smile for one and all. He knows no holidays. Sunday finds him working as well as Monday or Tuesday. Rain or shine, summer or winter, he must carry on. To some he brings joy, to others sorrow, but he is always welcome. His arrival is anxiously awaited by the business people.


He gets up early in the morning and goes to the general post office. There he sorts out the letters and then arranges them in the order of the situation of the houses in his beat. He has to be on his legs from morning till evening.

He has to be very careful and alert in his work. A little carelessness on his part lands him into trouble. On the occasion of festivals, his bag is full and his work is very heavy. He asks for a little gift on the occasion of Diwali or Baisakhi. Good people do oblige him with a few coins.

We should never be harsh towards him. We should always try to cheer him up. This will enable him to bear his burden cheerfully. He deserves our esteem and sympathy. He draws a meager salary but we expect from him too much in return.

The work of the village postman is particularly heavy. He has to serve several villages.


In brief, the postman is a noble example of service and sacrifice. His job is humble and hard His responsibility is great and heavy but reward very little. He deserves a much better treatment at the hands of the National Government of a free country. He has suffered long and patiently. He must also feel the glow of freedom. He must no longer be neglected.

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