The Indian Standards Institution (ISI) was set up in the year 1947 as a registered society, under a Government of India resolution. It is an Indian Governmental agency which prescribes the quality specifications for industrial products and issues certificates about the quality of products.

The Government felt the ever increasing need for strengthening the National Standards setting body and according it a statutory status. In 1986 the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act 1986 was promulgated and on 1 April 1987, the newly formed BIS took over the staff, assets, liabilities and functions of erstwhile ISI. The setting up of BIS is aimed at achieving a quality culture and creating quality consciousness in the country. The BIS is a forum where the Government in consultation with the industry associations & the consumers establishes the National Standards of quality that are in conformity with the international standards.

The Objectives of the BIS can be summed up as follows :

1. Harmonious development of standardisation, marking and quality certification.


2. To provide new thrust to standardisation and quality control

3. To evolve a national strategy for according recognition to standards and integrating them with growth and development of production and exports.