Short Essay on the Independence Day Celebrations


On this auspicious day, Government buildings present a neat and tidy appearance. National flags flutter everywhere. People put on gala dresses and take part in the celebrations with great enthusiasm. The day is observed as a public holiday.

This year the day was celebrated in our town with great eclat. The main celebrations were held in an open space. The function was presided over by the Minister for Education. First of all, he unfurled the National Flag.

The police band played the National Anthem. School boys and girls sang national songs which were quite thrilling and inspiring. Then the Minister delivered an impressive speech. He said, “The National Flag is the symbol of our solidarity. It was by rallying under this flag that we won freedom. We have won political freedom but we have yet to win economic freedom. We must work and toil to make India great. India expects everybody to do his or her duty.”


The speech was followed by a march past by the military, the police, the N.C.C., the A.C.C., the boy scouts and the girl guides. The Minister took the salute. It was followed by picturesque tableaux from the history of India and the daily life in different parts of our vast country.

In the afternoon, there were sports and matches. There were tea parties. People made merry. Sweets and fruits were distributed among boys and girls. There were songs and dances. There was a great commotion.

People came from far-off villages to see the celebrations. All roads led to the Company Gardens where a big meeting was held in the evening. Messages from top leaders were read out. Stirring speeches to make India rich and great were made. Light was thrown on the progress India had made ever since the attainment of freedom.

Tributes were paid to the Father of the Nation. Everybody was in a holiday mood. The city put on a festive appearance. At night, the illuminations were grand. May we celebrate this day forever! May God give us power and strength to preserve the freedom and integrity of our country in the face of all odds! May we overcome all crises that may occur in the life of the Nation!

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