Short essay on the Importance of Commerce


The importance of commerce cannot be over-emphasized. To make it more explicit it may be stated that:

a. Firstly, commerce is responsible for the smooth and uninterrupted flow of goods from the source of production to the ultimate consumers.

b. Secondly, it helps in bringing together all the factors necessary for the establishment of industries and thus plays a vital role in their establishment.


c. Thirdly, importance of commerce lies in bringing closer the different parts of the world, thereby creating one world market.

d. Fourthly, development of different forms of insurance has removed the element of risk and has made traders more adventurous in exploiting new fields, thereby increasing international trade.

e. Lastly, successful functioning of commerce is responsible for equalising prices, blending of ideas and cultures, thereby exerting a tremendous influence on national and internal ‘anal integration.

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