Short essay on the attractions of Delhi (the capital of India)

Since the beginning of our history Delhi has been the most important city of India. It has been the seat of our Kings. The history of Delhi forms a major part of our history. It is spread with the remains of many a ruling dynasty of India. The ancient historical buildings tell many tales. I love New Delhi which is now the capital of Free India.

Delhi has been my home since my birth. My parents, my brothers and, sisters all live here. I love my family. I love my home and I love Delhi.

Moreover, Delhi is the only city which I know intimately, I am acquainted with every inch, every road and every place of interest here. Familiarity awakens love. You cannot love a city which you have only seen on the map or of which you have only heard people talk. To love, you must have the object before you.


Now, after having spent fifteen years of my life here, I feel rooted to this place. I feel that I belong to Delhi. This feeling of belonging I cannot possibly have in any other city. So long I remain in Delhi I feel at home. Whenever I go to some other city I feel as if I have been removed from my stem. It does
one good to live in the company-of familiar and known faces. You don’t dread anything you know. We always fear the unknown.

Delhi is a beautiful city with many attractions. It is a city of gardens and parks. The Buddha Gardens, Okhla and Mehrauli are picnic spots. The Buddha Gardens is a park of its own kind. Flowers and plants grow there in their natural wild manner. The Mughal Gardens are peerless in their beauty and lay out. The Jamuna flows past the city. Delhi has been rightly called the first city of India where all our leaders live.

It has a culture of its own. People from all over the world live here. It is almost a tiny world. I am sentimentally, emotionally and by birth attached to Delhi. I feel secure here, if ever my link with the city breaks it will break my heart, for I love Delhi.