Short essay on science should be wedded to morality


To say that science and technology have made great strides seems to be platitudinous now. To enumerate the various marvels, inventions and gifts of science is also unnecessary.

Everybody knows that science has affected every sphere and every aspect of life, that it has provided us with innumerable comforts and luxuries and that it has conquered time and space. Medicine, agriculture, industry, entertainment and all other fields of human activity and concern bear the imprint of the latest scientific advances and techniques. After radio, cinema, television and spacecraft have ceased to fill us with wonder and awe, satellites, computers and instant communication systems are dazzling our eyes and minds.

Much has been said about nuclear weapons and the destructive power of science also. There is no doubt that the dreadful armaments invented by science can annihilate the whole mankind. But it is absurd to blame science. It is the people-the politicians and the scientists-who should be condemned for making a wrong use of scientific inventions. We have to decide whether we want to make this world a heaven or play havoc with it.


We have to make a choice between construction and destruction, the good and the evil, moral values and beastly ways. The need of the hour is that science should be wedded to morality and the inventions of science should be used for the welfare of mankind.

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