India is a vast country and its diversity creates baffling problems. It does not have an ideal or successful democratic set-up, but democracy as & system cannot be censured.

The working of the democratic system depends on certain conditions and the present- day India is lacking in these conditions. It is beset by divisive forces. Casteism, regionalism and communalism are ruling the roost.

The multiplicity of languages and sub-cultures is breaking the nation into smaller groups. Political parties are mushrooming and they are getting their sustenance from sectarian interests. Leaders are power-hungry and are motivated only by self-aggrandizement. Poor and weaker sections are lured by slogans, badly exploited and then thrown away like garbage.

The country is plagued by instability, economic chaos and corruption. Democracy can be successful only if people are politically awakened and leaders are honest and committed to the welfare of the whole country. Proper checks and counter-checks, truly independent judiciary, free print and electronic media-these are some of the pre-requisites of a working democracy.


Democracy demands a self-imposed discipline in all sections of the governed and the governing. The India of today seems to be unfit for democracy, but no system other than democracy can be successful here. What is required is complete reformation and regeneration of all the aspects of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. Of course, it is the people involved who will have to follow the course of rigorous discipline.