Short Essay on Green Revolution for kids


Green Revolution refers to a significant increase in the volume of agricultural production and productivity through adoption of better quality seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides and assured irrigation facilities during a short period of time. During mid-sixties this HYV technology was adopted in the Indian agriculture to boost up production of food grains.

This new agricultural development strategy was first sponsored by the Ford Foundation and it was selectively implemented in 16 agriculturally developed districts. This programme was first known as Intensive Agricultural Development Programme (IADP). The IADP was modified in the year 1964-65 and a new scheme Intensive Agricultural Area Programme (IAAP) was implemented. The basic ingredients of the new strategy are:

(i) High Yielding Variety seeds


(ii) Chemical fertilizers

(iii) Pesticides

(iv) Insecticides

(v) Assured irrigation facilities and


(vi) Better cultural practices.

The programme has been considerably modified with the passage of time and now the dry areas and the hilly areas have now been covered under the new agricultural strategy.

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