It was the 15th of January. Winter was in full swing. A cold wave was blowing. As I got up early in the morning, I peeped outside through a window. It was foggy and misty. An icy cold wind was blowing. The sky was overcast with clouds.

It was drizzling. At times clouds thundered and lightning flashed. I closed the window and again lay in my cosy bed. I got up when the clock struck seven. I opened the door. It was raining cats and dogs.

The water was rushing out of the spouts. The drains were overflowing with the rain water. There was no hustle and bustle in the streets. The few people that were seen outside were shivering with cold.

It began to hail. The ground became white with hailstones. All traffic came to a standstill. It grew awfully cold. I heavily padded myself with woollen clothes. My mother prepared for me steaming hot tea. I took it with dry fruit. I felt a little warmed up.


I sat by the fireplace and waited for the rain to stop. I was getting late for school. At about eight, the rain abated. I dressed myself, took my umbrella and came out into the bazar. The tonga drivers and rickshaw pullers demanded high fares. The roads had become slippery. At every step there was danger of a slip and a nasty fall. The cyclists had a hard time racing against the cold and biting winds.

I returned home, collected my books and made for the school on my cycle. The biting cold made it difficult for me to keep a good grip on the handle-bar and maintain balance. I reached the school in time. The attendance was very thin. We sat huddled together. The doors and windows of the room were shut to keep out the icy-cold wind. The school was closed after recess and we returned home. We covered ourselves with quilts and blankets.

The clouds lifted in the evening. A rainy day in winter is dull and dreary. People are forced to keep indoors and idle away their time. People sit round the fire and have a chit-chat. The shopkeepers curse a rainy day in winter, for few customers dare step out.

The labourers do not get any work. The poor people shiver with cold. Everyone is put to inconvenience. Only the farmeres feel happy, for the winter rain is beneficial to the crops. A rain in winter means a rich harvest.