Some school offers a comprehensive program of fitness, leisure, and sport activities. All students participate in a fitness course similar to others described in this chapter. The remainder of the program is elective.

Each semester, students can choose from fitness activities such as weight training and aerobic dance; leisure activities such as canoeing, swimming, and sailing; and sport activities such as volleyball, fencing, golf, and soccer.

The sports component within the curriculum is done in the sport-education model. Each semester is divided into two seasons. Students can elect an individual sport or a team sport each new season.

Students become members of a team immediately and take part in the season much as an athlete would on an interschool team.


In addition, as a requirement in each sport course, students keep records, manage schedules, and arrange for publicity.

The physical- education department publishes a weekly sport newsletter listing the competitions for the week, the leading performers for the past week, and the standings in the various individual and team competitions.

This curriculum has something for every student in the school. Students must acquire sound knowledge of fitness, but then are allowed to pursue their own interests in leisure, fitness, or sport activities.