Short essay for kids on work is worship


The legend has it that there was no work or task left over to Adam and Eve, when God has led them into the Garden of Eden. They broke the command of God.

They were banished from the Garden of Eden and sent back to the. Earth, on their dereliction of duty henceforth, the man was to live by the sweat of his brow. Quite often, work connotes hard work. Light work or hard work, need not necessarily be considered a penalty or punishment.

Work is a condition of joy. For serious crimes, often the punishment could be solitary confinement, where no work is being allowed. Enforced idleness becomes so boring and tedious, as to become a severe punishment. Man is the only animal, which by personal or collective work, has been capable of changing the environment.


He does this, by his work. The discovery of fire, the art of cooking, spinning and weaving fibre for clothing, building huts and houses, the art of peasantry and gardening, taming and domesticating of animals, the invention of-the wheel, language, mining and metallurgy, were some of his earliest works, which enabled him change environment for the better.

But men in advantageous positions have exploited the labour of others and took away the fruits of other people.

It is said that enforced labour is better than idleness. Work has made history and bestowed many blessings on the human race.

Today man has succeeded in transferring the burden of painful, slow and unrewarding labour to power-driven machinery. This has brought the mankind on the correct path, or has promised to bring that on the threshold of opulence and prosperity. All this makes us understand the truth of the saying, that Work is worship.


Too much of everything is also bad. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It is worship and a blessing to the mankind, where work remains congenial and creative. But wicked work likes waging war. Enslaving people, loot and plunder, smuggling, black marketing, adulteration of food and medicine is not worship. When we say that work is worship, we should exclude immoral works and include only such work that contributes to the human welfare and progress. Otherwise, the devil, who remains the busiest being in the creation, would covet from us all the prizes.

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