In almost every place, there is a library for the advantages of the reading public. Our school is no exception to that the library of our school is a large one with ten thousand books. It is different from the libraries that contain only manuscripts. We have a reading room attached to the library’ in the recent days the usefulness of libraries have bed expanded in proportion everywhere.

A library is generally adjudged as the best source for expanding our knowledge. The library is expanding in size and numbers of books day by day as new books are being purchased every year. In the library we have the scope of storing the news papers and magazines of different languages.

A library is of immense help for the spread of civilization and to uplift the human kind by increasing their taste and by expanding their knowledge’. The books contained in the long admirals of our library are of different languages. The different books on literature, science, medicine, mathematics, history, general knowledge, stories, novels, poems, plays and biographies cater to the different tastes of different readers.

Though it is not so large as the Presidency College Library or the National Library of Calcutta, there is no dearth of good books in it since our authority is a lover of books. We -are unable to add some authentic books into it since it is not a public library so as to be able to receive donations from outside.


The qualified librarian maintains the library. He arranges the books subject wise along with their index cards. We are assisted to a great extent by our librarian who provides us valuable suggestions as to what books we should read for a particular topic. The peon does not allow the books to remain scattered here and there in the room.

For enlightening us, the library is of immense help to us. The study of a great variety of book removes our ignorance. A country cannot advance speedily without libraries. The school library helps us in providing books twice a week.

Generally the last period is kept for visiting the library. As regards the selection of books we depend greatly on our class teacher who is a man of great knowledge. We are delighted out of the reading of books. It acts as an information center for us. It provides the food of intellect to the teachers and students as well. We can improve the library well if we will set some sort of help from the education minister. If the system of traveling library will be introduced we can get new publications.