Nuclear energy may be an alternative source of energy – Essay


In the last couple of years, the world has seen a paradign shift in how governments are approaching the question of power generation with climate change acquiring global importance, the search for viable alternative energy sources has become more urgent Nuclear energy is not only a new technology but also has great potential to generate energy and few country in the world like France, USA etc. are generating a major part of power through this energy.

The accidents at Chernobyl in the erstwhile USSR and Three Mile Island in the USA effectively put doubt in the success of nuclear technology. But in recent times, there has been a revival of interest in nuclear power because of its potential to combat climate change.

It has also the capacity to solve the problem of over- reliance on oil and is the nearest thing to a non- polluting energy source capable of generating power on a large scale currently available. Natural resources like solar and wind energy are other options but much work is required before they become capable of handling a nation’s energy needs.


The oil prices in the world market is also increasing rapidly and its reserve is also very limited which can be for about a hundred years and consequently there is a tendency for turning to nuclear power.

India has also vast reserves of thorium which can be utilized for adequate amount of nuclear power Nuclear energy has always had its proponents but how governments are listening nuclear energy was also in deep freeze till a few years ago. Now Britain and other countries called for a huge expansion of nuclear power.

Britain has also made collaboration with France- which generates 79% of its electricity through nuclear stations, on future nuclear projects. Turkey has also taken various steps like open bidding for the construction of nuclear plant. The US’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission is conducting hearings on the first application to fmild nuclear power plants in 30 years. India has also made nuclear treaty with

United States of America to boost their nuclear power project and to get regular fuel for their nuclear power plants. Indian Union Cabinet has also given its approval to participate in International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, by considering India’s large energy needs in future.

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