385 Words Essay on National Hero


If we look to the recent history of our country, Jawaharlal Nehru has been one of the greatest heroes of our country. He was the star of the East and the whole eastern world looked to him for guidance, freedom from foreign yoke and progress. After the rule of the British ended in India he brought a ray of hope in the hearts of the millions of people the world over.

Pandit Nehru was born about a hundred years ago. He was born to rich parents. His father was a public man too, Pandit Motilal Nehru. Nehruji studied in Harrow and Cambridge and studied bar. He came into contact with Mahatma Gandhi when the latter launched his struggle against the British rule in India. Gandhiji soon began to admire and respect him immensely. He inspired Nehru to fight shoulder to shoulder with the other freedom fighters and free India from the British rule.

Pandit Nehru was imprisoned many times by the British for taking part in the freedom movement. But this did not deter him from the path he had chosen. He utilized the time in prison for writing valuable books which include his autobiography, the Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History and letters from a Father to a Daughter.


The last one is a collection of the letters that he started writing to his daughter Indira Gandhi when she was thirteen-year-old. This is how he educated her about the history of the world. Thus Nehru became a historian too. His style of writing was extremely interesting and marvellous. Outside the prison he inspired people to renounce the comforts of their homes and join the struggle for independence. He advocated the non-violent method that Gandhiji preached.

However, Nehru was more impulsive and sometimes his decisions even led the country to troubled times.

He was the first Prime Minister of India. He struggled for peace and was loved by one and all. He always wore a red rose in his “achkan” and he was the darling of the children of India. Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as children’s day even today because he loved them so much.

On May 27, 1964, Nehru died. The whole nation was plunged into grief. The entire world mourned his death. He is the man who no Indian can ever forget.


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