Modern Women is a Competitor of Man and Not His Companion


1. The social and political rights which a woman enjoys brings her equal to man It is wrong to think that physical weak­ness of hers may be a hurdle because in civilized society the weaker persons are protected, helped and even encouraged in many ways. That is why woman is competing with man in political as well as in social life.

2. Modern women do not consider themselves subordinate to man because they have been able to get success in almost all the departments of life. A woman has been a successful politician, a successful crusader and also a successful scientist. In other words, women is not going to help man in realizing his ambitions, rather she would be thinking of achieving her own goals first.

3. With the exceptions of some uncivilized societies woman has refused to become the victim of man. She has been fighting on all fronts. She is no longer confined to home and no longer steeped in ignorance that means woman is not a play—thing for man. She is the inheritor of all the rights as a human being. This makes her a close competitor of man.

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