Let me share with you a fantastic essay on India of my dreams


The present-day India is affected with a great many shortcomings, evils and inequities. I dream of an India whose glory would make every Indian proud, hi die India of my dreams all would live in harmony and peace in spite of its regional, linguistic and religious diversity.

It would be a highly industrialized nation where scientific and technological progress would be at its peak. It would be a great economic power, self-sufficient in every respect. Poverty, backwardness and unemployment would be non-existent and excellent production would generate wealth and prosperity.

The population growth would be well under check and the gains of rapid advancement would be equitably shared. Elections would be fair, leaders would be honest and administration would be efficient. Corruption in public life would be a thing of the past.


The standards of education would be enviable and Indian literature, philosophy and arts would flourish. Indian sports would be a force to be reckoned with. India would be a land of ‘dharma’, of moral and spiritual regeneration, and the whole world would look up to it. It would have cordial relations with its neighbors and it would occupy a place of pride in the comity of nations.

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