An ideal citizen is the greatest asset of a nation. Knowledge, wealth and power are very important, but they are generated and sustained by ideal citizens. An ideal citizen is well-informed, morally and intellectually trained and extremely vigilant. He takes care of himself, looks after his family and discharges his social responsibilities well.

He is aware of his rights and duties. While guarding his rights he does not encroach on the rights of his fellow citizens. He is fearless and does not tolerate injustice. He fights corruption instead of accepting it as a part of life or a necessary evil.

He is honest and law-abiding and does not indulge in malpractices for his personal gain. He has a civic sense of a high order, keeps the environment clean and does not damage public property.

He has a keen interest in social problems and contributes his mite to educational, cultural and sports activities. He is friendly, sociable and co-operative by nature and is always prepared to help others.


He is well-acquainted with and takes active part in the affairs of his town, his state and his country. He makes a judicious use of his franchise. He keeps a watchful eye on anti-social and disruptive elements. He is a patriot in the real sense of the term and does that entire he can to make his country advanced, strong and great.