In the modern age of rampant corruption rank hypocrisy and despicable materialism, honesty is obviously at a discount and people laugh derisively at the man who advocates the path of honesty. Where honest people suffer, conscientious workers are side-tracked and deceitful crooks rule the roost. Nothing else can be expected.

But in spite of everything honesty is still the best policy. Honesty is not an abstract concept or an impractical ideal just to be preached; it is a sound and pragmatic principle, an honorable and profitable way of life. Aberrations, numerous as they may be, cannot falsify eternal truths. An honest man is a brave and valiant man; he has nothing to fear and can face adverse circumstances undauntedly.

Honesty implies self- sacrifice transparency of truth, sincerity of heart, earnestness of purpose, devotion to high ideals and work for the benefit of humanity an honest man is the noblest handiwork of God and he is prepared to suffer martyrdom for the glory of God. Nobody can question the greatness of Christ and Gandhi. Even for lesser mortals, it pays to be honest.

Honesty breeds moral courage and self-confidence in a man. These qualities stand him in good stead and guarantee success in life. A dishonest man is always nervous, shaky and afraid. He may make pots of money by dubious means, but he can never enjoy peace of mind. He is suspected and hated by others. A dishonest trader loses his customers and ruins his business.


A tax-evader, a hoarder or a black-marketer can enjoy temporary prosperity, but he passes his days in constant fear, anxiety and tension. It is very much possible to gain material prosperity by honest means, if one has diligence and perseverance; and the inner contentment that one gets is a bonus.