It is really Possible to Eradicate Poverty from India?


Arguments for :

1. Indians are poor because they do not get suitable employ­ment ; some are underemployed, others do not get jobs of their choice and still others do not get jobs at all. If we are able to expand our industries and create opportunities for employment, it is possible to eradicate poverty.

2. Another cause of poverty is over-population ; the abnor­mal rise in population and the static nature of job opportunities have made people extremely poor. If an effective check is placed on the population increase, the nation will be able to get rid of poverty because people would get proper employment.


3. Poverty is the result of economic exploitation by the richer sections of the society. The rich farmers exploit the laborers, rich industrialists exploit their employees and give them only subsistence wages. If this exploitation is stopped it will be possible to eradicate poverty.

Arguments against :

1. For removing poverty we need overhaul the society. Economic and social conditions will have to be changed. It is not possible to finish the age-old traditions within a short time. Indians being orthodox will not accept such changes so easily.

2. It is not possible to check population explosion because some people believe that children are the gift of God and this belief is sanctioned by religion. It is extremely difficult to make the people to shake off their religious beliefs so easily.


3. It is not possible to provide whatever is needed by a person because it will be a great strain on the Indian economy. If we try to do so all other developmental activities will come to a standstill.

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