Here is a brief reference to the internal conditions in the country so far as they affect the country’s defence. Secession move­ments are as old as the emergence of nation states. Independent India is no exception; rather, even its emergence was rooted in the partition of the country. Secession movements may resort to in­surgency or be based on peaceful evolution.

In India, a few years after independence, a group of Nagas resorted to insurrection with a view to establish an independent Naga state. In 1966, the Mizo Hills district in’ Assam was the scene of a similar uprising. During British rule, these areas were kept strictly insulated by the British from the rest of India. Even after India became independent in 1947 contact with the rest of India continued to be restricted. Then, there is the harassing pro­blem of the Gorkhas in North Bengal, demanding a separate Cork ha land.

Punjab has proved a. hornet s nest and a pandora’s box to the government of India, and today it is posing a grave threat to India’s securing, as the Punjab terrorists arc being trained, equipped and financed by China and Pakistan.

In another part of India namely Tamil Nadu in the south there has also been for some years a movement for secession from India. The DMK party in Madras had, as in policy, the establishment of an independent Dravidastan, comprising the territories in the four southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Mysore and Andhra Pradesh.


The split within the Congress Party and the deplorable disarray in the ranks of the opposition have led to further deteriora­tion in the situation. Political agitations aiming at a peaceful change in the administration of the country cannot be deemed a threat to a country’s security. But the situation in our country today, unless carefully handled, has the potentiality of turning violent with ultimate danger to the country’s security.

The party has been openly advocating and practicing violence. Where the nucleus of such a movement exists, and there are other differences which arouse strong emotions in sections of the people, the probability of one exploiting of feeding the other and causing a danger to the country’s integrity cannot be ruled out.

Any violent movements within the country may be encouraged or may derive support from the country’s two enemies—Pakistan and China. There have been numerous communal dissensions in all parts of the country particularly Kerala. Gujarat, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Growing economic disparities add fuel to the fire of unrest and struggle. The defence and security of the country was never in such danger as it is today.

The defence of India is the sacred duty of every Indian. The wolves and tigers are about. The vultures and eagles are out to pounce upon our poor, unarmed, undefended India. Our ignorance in the art of warfare led to the Chinese attack on our holy soil. There may be quislings within India to help the enemy. We must be ready now. There is no time to be lost. We must never lose right of the fact that Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty. Even the slightest inadvertence, carelessness or complacency on. our part may endanger the security of our pious motherland.