Man is not made to be idle. “In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread” is the curse of God, according to the Bible. It is more a blessing than a curse. We should not be like drones but should try to procure honey from every flow­er.

There are so many things in this wonderful world and we are the only beings gifted with intelligence to understand them. So, it should be our constant endeavour to use this gift for a better understanding of the peoples of this world.

Our brain is idle when we do not have anything to think about. And this may lead to dangerous consequences. When you do not think for yourself, you allow others to influence you. Other thoughts occupy your mind and any mischie­vous element can easily exploit you for its own purpose.

The devil need not be the devil about whom we may have read a great deal though none has seen it in person. Any wicked idea or evil deed may be regarded devils and the workshop where it forgets these is the mind of a person who refuses to think for himself. That is exactly the reason why much emphasis is laid on education.


A truly educated person should be able to discriminate between the right and the wrong and should be able to work for the good. Education should train us to think, it should inculcate in us the right values of life. That is why it is always healthy to encourage hobbies.

Disastrous are the results of idleness. A man with an idle mind suffers and makes others also suffer, like so many dandies who are frequently seen at any so-called fashion­able place, gambling, drinking and indulging in other ex­cesses. Work is worship and is the fruit of life; but it needs direction and purpose.

“In works of labor or of skill.

Let me be busy too;


For Satan finds some mischief still.

For idle hands to do.”