How Party Strifes in Deccan during 14th century?


Deccanis felf deeply the rise of the pardesis (foreigners or New comers) in the Bahmani court at the close of the 14th century. They made every possible effort to win over the favour of the new King Ahmad Shah Vali (1422-36).

The defeat of the Bahmani forces in 1430-31, at the hands of the Gujaratis was attributed by them to the incompetence of the pardesi leader Khalaf Hasan.

The Sultan was convinced and entrusted the administration of the government to a Deccani Miyan Minullah. Deccanis were determined to get rid of the pardesis and found an opportunity in 1446 when an expedition was sent by the Sultan against Raja Shankar Rao Shirke of South Konkan.


The latter was joined by Raja of Sangameshwar. The Bahmani troops comprising Deccanis and pardesis suffered a crushing defeat and had to retreat to the fort of Chakan. The Deccani nobles at the court poisoned the mind of the Sultan and attributed the defeat to the treachery of the leader Khalaf Hasan and his pardesi comrades.

All of them were killed by Sultan’s orders. Some surviviors, however, managed to reach the King and reported to him the actual facts. With the result that many Deccanis were severely punished and dismissed while pardesis were appointed to places of trust and responsibility.

The relations between the two factions became extremely bitter and each party wanted to exterminate the other. The main traget of the Deccanis with Nizam-ul-Mulk as their leader was to get rid of Ghawan, the leader of the pardesis, who occupied the highest office in the realm and was the right-hand man of the King. They succeeded in their efforts to antagonize the Sultan when Ghawan was away leading an expedition in the West.

Many Deccani amirs and nobles at the court who were extremely jealous of Mahmud Ghawan and his administrative reforms laid a deep routed plot which culminated in his murder. We may trace briefly the causes and results of this tragedy which changed the entire history of the Deccan.

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